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What's Inside 
the Ocean Sports Performance Program?
Weekly Workouts, Exercise Tutorials, Flexibility Training & More!
If you're stronger, more powerful, more durable, and can move your body dynamically without fear or limitation, you can apply that ability to your surfing. Ask yourself, is your training benefiting your surfing? 
Flexibility & Mobility
If you're not moving well, you're not surfing well. It's simple. Improve how you move, so you can improve your surfing. Stretching, yoga, foam rollers, massage, what's it all mean?
Exercise Tutorials
Are you doing that exercise right? Are you at risk of hurting yourself? Get rid of the guesswork. An exercise is only as good as it's performed. You're a surfer, you need to train dynamically, and that requires functional movements.
Nutrition & Recipes
Fuel Your Life. It's that simple. You know you need to eat well, so these are the steps to doing that, and eating some epic food. As age, wear, and tear sets in, you need to buffer that with nutrition.
Performance Webinars
If you're stronger, more powerful, more durable, and can move your body dynamically without fear or limitation, you can apply that ability to your surfing. Ask yourself, is your training benefiting your surfing? 
Cris Mills
CEO of Surf Strength Coach
My primary goal is to help surfers / athletes / humans, improve their potential. Increased ability through exercise, nutrition, and the foundations of athleticism. The field of health & fitness has got a lot of non-sense, misguided information, and claim exaggeration. 

I provide surfers with relevant, efficient, and applicable information to improve themselves, and their surfing. If you know your health and your surfing are intertwined, than I can absolutely help you get to the next level, and stay in the ocean. 
My Clients Get Real Results
Here It Straight From Surf Strength Coach Members
Brett, NY
"I'm always looking for ways to stay in shape and keep me in the water, and Cris' programming and coaching has been the best investment in my health to date. Aside from being in great shape, I've also come to view my fitness and diet in a very pragmatic and straightforward way."
Brendan, FL
"Working with Cris has been invaluable. I'm a 45yr old surfer, ex athlete, and I thought I had a grasp on my training. As a division 1 college athlete, it bugged me I couldn't find objective advice on how to improve my surfing, especially with popping up, as I've got long term knee and hip issues. Cris has provided exactly what I was looking for, helped me to realize my limitations, and how to improve them."
Jeremy D.
I wanted to extend a thank you because no matter, the foundations you introduced me to, your ongoing commitment to sharing everything on social media and your blog, and just your dedication to helping folks like me surf and feel better is just awesome. keep it up. i've progressed so much since then and continue to.
Thomas M.
Thanks for your workouts, I have been using the workouts for 3months and getting great results. Just returned from 2 weeks in Indo, and had a, amazing time picking up loads of waves thanks to the workouts which have really helped me to improve my surfing.
Craig C.
I thought your program was beneficial, and enjoyable. I surf a lot and have definitely noticed an improvement in overall paddling strength and endurance, as well as more power in my turns. I recently surfed 2 days in succession on a point break with some really good, long waves – each surf was 4 hours and I handled them no problem. My recovery between days and after was also really good. I am 45 now so have to work a lot harder to maintain this level.
Ken R.
I can't thank you enough for sharing your insight & knowledge. The benefits from your programs have been immediate & right to the point - improved surfing.

Gregory D.
This is an amazing program for surfers. I've been surfing for 20 years and getting more desperate to keep up with the younger guys as i am in my 40s. Before cris' program I used to think the more weights you did at the gym the quicker you became but is was the opposite. My surfing began to go backwards especially after gaining 5 kilos of solid muscle. I was more slower, stiffer and heavier on the board which meant bigger wipeouts and crappy surf sessions. After doing cris' program I became a faster more confident surfer especially on days when it was a bit bigger. If you want a program that improves your wave count , prevents you from injury and confidence in big swell this is the one. Cheers cris for improving my life and surfing gregory from goldie.
I am just blown away by how much the training has helped my surfing. Both my paddle endurance, paddle power, stability and rotational power is on another level now days. I catch so many more waves and surf them way better than last year.

Together with the dynamic warm ups and tissue work it really works tremendously.
 So I just have to say thank you!
Tim H.
I came across you and your programmes I joined the local gym bought your surf fitness vids and started......slowly..... but with perseverance things started to improve, the other big change I made was my diet, out with the crap, and in with the good, I moved to a paleo/real food diet... Not ultra strict, just the principles... And man that worked like I never thought it could.

So five years on of regular gym going where I have developed my own programmes now based on your templates and watching what I put on my body I've lost about 20 plus kg, My knees still creak a bit but are manageable, I surf year round which in chilly Christchurch NZ is no small feat in its self....I compete in the local surf comps and now at 52 I can say that I'm surfing as well as I ever did. But the best thing Chris is when I go out with my two boys that is a dream come true.

So yeah thanks Chris you saved my fricken life, probably literally.....(-;

- Tim H 
Jim L.
Anyway, your program works! I always considered myself to be in decent shape but these programs humbled me. I now feel in more all-around shape. In the water, I haven't had the issues like I did previously. Because I am stronger and have more endurance physically, I only think about my surfing. It's nice to know that I have a proven routine to be better in the water. I used my shortboard a couple of times and had a great time! 

I'm not struggling to continue my sessions. I'm having fun in the water. Again, it's very reassuring to have these programs at my disposal. 

I'm very happy that I reached out to you and thankful for your time. As you can see, I can't say enough about it. 
- Jim L.
Have a Question About The Program?
Here are some of our most common questions asked.
Can I access the training from my phone?
Yes. Any up to date smart phones will be able to log onto the site, view videos, and view the pdf images of programs. As long as you have internet connection, you can easily follow along in the gym, home, or park… wherever you’re training. 
What Equipment will I need to for this program?
The OSP workouts are designed with minimal equipment, but you will need some pieces. Remember, you’re an athlete, and a surfer, so you need to train dynamically and functionally. This requires a bit of equipment. At minimum, you’ll want a stability ball, olympic rings or suspension trainer, a few bands of varying resistance, and some dumbbells, kettlebells, or barbells with plates. The amount of weight needed varies on your abilities, but some “weights” are needed. Consider the forces your body is producing and absorbing when surfing, especially with the lower body. You need to train your body to withstand those forces, and function optimally. If you have access to a gym, awesome. If not, no worries. A small investment in this equipment will build you a home gym that you can use for the rest of your life, and do some absolutely dynamic training. 
I'm out of shape and haven't worked out in years, will OSP actually help me?
No problem. These training programs are designed to restore your ability to move athletically, help undo chronic tensions, develop functional strength, and carryover to your water time. There are both Advanced and Beginner programs each month, so no matter your starting point, there is a level perfect for you. These programs are designed to teach you to be self sufficient, so just follow the steps laid out, and enjoy the training. Move like a grom again. 
Is there Core Training in the Workouts? 
Core Strength” is an integral part of athletic development. You’re a surfer, human, and athlete, so you need a strong and stable core. Yes, you will absolutely build a solid core, a solid foundation, but do it in a manner that relates to you being a surfer. Gone are the days of crunches. Rotational core strength, chopping patterns, back endurance, hip strength, and then getting more dynamic with speed and power development… this is the core training you’ll find in the OSP program. 
Will this program improve my paddling?
A common question, and the answer lies in nearly every single one of the monthly training programs. Better paddling is a combination of mobility, healthy joints, and mobile spine and shoulder, endurance, technique, and strength / power. These things are built in a day! Through combinations of Stretching & Flexibility videos, specific shoulder health training, and energy system development, the OSP program will make you paddle like a grommet!

Will OSP workouts help your Pop Up?
When your Pop Up fails, your surfing fails. Hip mobility, core strength, lower body flexibility, these are just a few of the things that will need to be worked on to restore your pop up, and they’re all found in OSP. Premium members get immediate access to a full Fix Your Pop Up program which takes you through assessment of your limitations, fixes, and training. If you restore your pop up, you’ll restore your surfing. 
I'm having shoulder pains, will OSP help?
The plight of the modern surfer! Most of us surfers over the age of 30 will have, or have had some shoulder issues. OSP’s training programs, Flexibility Routines, and Joint Health Tissue Release protocols will help to restore optimally moving joints (shoulders). The key is for you to put in the effort and be consistent. Nearly every training program has shoulder “prehab” specific exercises, as well as monthly stretching protocols addressing the areas of the body that will help you regain full shoulder function.   
Can I lose weight?
How much weight do you want to lose? Are you willing to put in the effort? Positive changes in nutrition, combined with consistency, and beneficial movement is the key to weight loss. No radical purges. No starvation diets. You will lose weight on this program if you’ve got some gut to burn off, and put on some lean muscle. No muscle won’t make you surf slow, because you’ll be training for function, speed, and power. But there are no magic pills. The OSP program contains hours of Nutritional Education, as well as state of the art training programs. Beneficial change and weight loss will come with you making adjustments where needed, sticking to the program, and shifting your eating habits if needed. That excess body fat is doing nothing good for your health or surfing.
What's the difference between premium and basic?
Both Basic and Premium members have full access to new Monthly Training Programs (and previous months), Nutrition Webinars, Stretch Protocols, and Webinars covering topics from training, breath work, core training and more. Either route will give you immense benefit in terms of your training, your surfing, and your understanding.

What sets apart the Premium membership is that you get far more information, depth, more workouts, more detailed approaches to flexibility, more webinars, and access to specific programs. You get more goodness! For example, Premium members get immediate access to my Fix Your Pop Up program. This video series along is worth $95, covering assessment of your limitations, pop up technique, and several months of training protocols to ultimately diagnose and fix your popup. Another program is the Surf Trip Prep program. Last week I just dropped a new Breath Training webinar to the Premium members as well. It’s more content, more depth, and more knowledge.  
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